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VA Benefits for Veterans in Delaware

va benefits for Delaware veterans
Welcome back to our series about VA benefits for veterans in each of America’s 50 states! This week, we discuss the benefits available to veterans living in Delaware. Keeping reading to learn more about VA disability benefits in The First State!

Veterans Homes

Delaware offers one 24-acre, 15-bed veterans’ home in Milford:

This home provides skilled nursing care throughout four units. To be eligible, veterans must hold an honorable discharge from active service or be a veteran of the reserves or national guard who is eligible for retirement pay. Veterans must meet state and federal requirements for needing the level of care provided by a skilled nursing home and must also be a resident of Delaware for at least three years prior to applying.

State Veterans Cemeteries

There are two veterans’ cemeteries in Delaware:

Veterans, their spouses, and their dependents (under the age of 21, unmarried, and not life-long dependent on the veteran) are eligible for interment. Requirements include an honorable discharge and state residency. To learn more, please visit the links above.

Financial Benefits

Veterans in Delaware can take advantage of a few different financial benefits, including:

  • Income Tax Exemption
    For those under the age of 60, up to $2,000 of military retirement pay is exempt from Delaware state income tax. For those over the age of 60, up to $12,500 is exempt.
  • Pension Benefits for Paraplegic Veterans
    Any paraplegic veteran in Delaware is eligible to receive a pension from the state, which amounts to $3,000 each year, paid in monthly installments. The veteran must send proof of full disability to the pension office. Proof must contain evidence that the disability is directly related to time in the service.
  • Disabled Veterans School Tax Credit
    Any veteran who is disabled and who has been a Delaware resident for at least three years is eligible for exemption from school taxes on their property tax bill. To learn more, please visit the link above.

Employment Benefits

The state of Delaware offers two main employment benefits to veterans and their spouses:

  • State Employment Preference for Veterans
    Any disabled veteran who applied for a state job in Delaware will receive a 10-point preference, while non-disabled veterans will receive a five-point preference. These point preferences may also be claimed by unmarried widows and widowers and spouses of a veteran who is totally disabled.
  • Military Spouse Permits & Licenses
    Any military spouse who is relocating to the state of Delaware is eligible to receive a six-month temporary occupational license that will allow him/her to be employed in their discipline (pending application for endorsement).

Education Benefits

Veterans in Delaware can take advantage of the following education benefits:

  • Delaware National Guard Tuition Assistance
    Members of the Delaware National Guard are eligible to receive up to 100% coverage for tuition at any state college or university or the average in-state tuition at any private college or university
  • Children of Deceased Veterans Education Benefit
    Any child of a service member who was killed while on active duty or who passed due to disease, wounds, disabilities, or injuries related to his/her service is eligible to receive up to four years of tuition-free college education. The college of choice does not need to be in Delaware, but the child must be 16-24 years of age and will need to have been a Delaware resident for at least three years prior to applying.

Recreation Benefits

For veterans who love recreational activities, Delaware provides several benefits, including:

  • Hunting, Fishing & Trapping Licenses
    Disabled veterans who have a disability rating of at least 60% are eligible to receive free licenses for hunting, fishing, and trapping. These licenses are also available to active-duty service members for the regular resident rate in Delaware.
  • State Park Admission
    Any veteran who holds an honorable discharge and who owns a vehicle registered in Delaware is eligible to receive a 50% discount on the annual fee for vehicle entrance in Delaware state parks and recreational areas.