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Frequently Asked Questions


REE Medical works with a network of doctors nationwide who believe that Veterans deserve the very best our country has to offer, including our respect and compassion. REE Medical works with Veterans to obtain accurate, thorough medical assessments and ensures that each Veteran’s unique disability is properly documented. REE Medical is not a Veterans Services Organization or law firm and is not affiliated with the Veterans Administration.

The Department of Veterans Affairs ultimately makes the final decision on all claims submitted. Our role in the process is to match you with skilled neutral third-party medical professionals who will provide detailed, accurate, and complete DBQs that support your worsening condition. We find that quality DBQs result in a higher quality claim submittal, and less stress for you and your family. 

No. Veterans Affairs makes the final decision on all claims submitted. REE Medical cannot make any promises or guarantees regarding changes to your disability rating or disability payments. We can only ensure that your disability is documented thoroughly and accurately by physicians who are familiar with the VA disability benefit process.  

It’s not that the requirements are difficult to meet, more so that they are difficult to decipher/understand without extensive industry knowledge. 

You can start by contacting us for a free consultation. Once you've chosen to work with REE Medical, we’ll outline what to expect prior to your commitment to working with REE. Additionally, REE Medical can help you obtain detail Nexus letters to support your claim for service-connection. Ready to leverage our nationwide network of medical professionals? Reach out to us today and initiate the process to get what you deserve. 

Disability benefits questionnaires (DBQs) are used to collect and record relevant medical information for the purpose of processing Veterans’ disability claims. DBQs are medical examination forms that the VA uses to evaluate the severity of a Veteran’s disabilities.  These forms are instrumental in the process of applying for an increase in your VA disability rating, as they guide the VA to properly rate the progression of your condition. It is essential that DBQs are completed accurately and with attention to detail, documenting all aspects of a Veteran’s worsening conditions. At REE Medical, we work with a network of private doctors who have an understanding of the claims process. 


No. We never charge a commission or ask you to give up any part of subsequent disability benefit increases. You know exactly what we charge for our services up front, and any future increases to your disability payments are entirely yours to keep.  

Yes. All of our services are provided at a flat rate with no hidden fees, surprise charges, or commission taken.

However, the initial no-obligation consultation to determine if our services are a fit for your needs is always free. Please contact us today if you would like to learn more about the cost of our services. 

Yes. Our primary goal is to connect as many Veterans as possible with quality medical evidence documenting their disabilities. The cost of our service should not be a barrier to an accurate Disability Benefit Questionnaire or Nexus Letter. Please contact us for more details about payment flexibility.  


Medical Exam

Our medical group includes independent licensed medical providers who understand the claims process. They are familiar with VA regulations and can quickly identify how the severity of a Veteran’s condition aligns with the Rating Schedule.  

VA-appointed medical providers are contracted by the Veterans Affairs  and can be overloaded with patients. This may result in rushed exams that do not meet Veterans’ expectations or overlook how a Veteran’s condition aligns with the VA’s rating criteria.

Most primary care physicians lack the necessary expertise to complete a DBQ (Disability Benefits Questionnaire) with an understanding of the VA’s requirements. The forms can be difficult to navigate and time-consuming to complete. While Veterans are able to ask their personal doctors to complete medical evidence for a VA claim, it is unlikely to be an effective alternative.  

REE Medical will use your location to determine the most appropriate physician or clinic to use for your evaluation. We will provide you with the contact information so that you can schedule your appointment directly and at your convenience.

No, we will ensure that the doctor has all the relevant paperwork prior to your appointment. 

No, once your DBQ is completed, the doctor will return them to REE Medical via a secure, HIPAA compliant portal to undergo a final review. After the final review is completed, our staff will send the signed documents directly to you. 

Submitting A Claim

No. We only provide accurate medical evidence to Veterans. Once it is received, the evidence must be submitted to the VA independently by the Vet or an eligible person/organization acting on their behalf.  

REE Medical provides medical evaluations and completed Disability Benefit Questionnaires. Veterans are still required to submit their own claims. The medical evidence acquired through REE Medical can be submitted via a Veteran Service Organization, filing electronically on the website or, mailing your claim to the VA. 

Yes. REE Medical connects you to medical professionals to get accurate medical evidence, while agents and attorneys take care of the filing and any additional documentation needed for your case. Accredited agents and attorneys cannot give medical advice or sign Disability Benefit Questionnaires, so there is no conflict between our services and theirs.  

We can offer an expedited process for Veterans who have an impending deadline they need to meet. However, each case is unique and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet your deadline. In these circumstances, we ask that you please contact us (or email immediately to see if we can help.  

Medical Providers

Providers interested in joining our medical care team can contact our Physician Recruitment department at for more information about joining REE Medical.

Our contracted providers examine REE clients at their usual clinic or private practice office. REE does not provide facilities for physicians to complete disability exams.