REE Medical

Top Quality. Flat Rate. Add up the Benefits

We are here to support Veterans when their VA rating falls short of what they deserve, which is why REE Medical’s DBQ & Nexus letter services are provided at a flat rate with no hidden fees, surprise charges, or commission taken.

Disability Compensation Calculator

Use the Calculator tool to see how a rating increase could affect your monthly compensation and how long it would take to recover the cost of our services.

While every case is different, 95% of REE Medical clients have reported being awarded a rating of 70 or higher.*

Regardless of the outcome, every Veteran pays only the flat rate for the services rendered. Our Benefits Consultants are very transparent in reviewing your current benefits and will recommend an alternate resource if our services are not a fit for your case.

REE Medical’s team of professionals is ready to support you in collecting the proper documentation for your claim. Because the VA rating review process can take 6 months or more, we strongly recommend initiating the process as soon as you can.

Client Success Rates

This disability compensation calculator is for your personal use in comparing your current rating compensation against various potential compensations for a new rating, dependent on a VA decision on a rating review claim.

The calculated return on investment is for illustration purposes only and not a guarantee of increased compensation from working with REE Medical. We have no influence over the VA’s decisions and the compensation rates included reflect those provided by the VA as of May 2023. The default rate included in the calculator is the average cost that most REE Medical clients pay, but service fees vary based on the services provided — physical exam & documentation, mental exam & documentation, or other medical evidence.