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Comprehensive medical evidence, One flat rate

We never charge a commission or take a portion of your disability payments. Any Veteran we work with will only pay a transparent, flat rate for our services. We can’t guarantee the results, but 95% of REE Medical clients reported receiving an overall disability rating of 70% or higher.*

How we serve

Each of our services is designed to support your claim for disability benefits with accurate medical documentation. More importantly, our documentation is all strengthened by our extensive knowledge of VA disability policies and a team that is passionate about helping Veterans.
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Detailed DBQs

Attempt to remedy an insufficient rating or document a worsening condition with a thorough Disability Benefit Questionnaire (DBQ) from REE Medical. It’s the primary way to ensure your benefits are properly aligned with your disability.
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Precise Nexus Letters

We know it’s frustrating when the VA denies service connection, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your journey. A Nexus Letter may be the best path to the benefits you qualify for.

DMV Handicap Placards

Depending on your state, REE Medical may be able to get you the paperwork necessary to obtain a handicap placard for your vehicle.
Veteran with his daughter and wife receiving va disability benefits for his dependents

Schedule A Letters

Job-seeking Veterans can turn to REE Medical for Schedule A letters that confirm eligibility for federal employment opportunities.

Working with REE Is Simple

Our process cuts down on the familiar frustrations of accessing the disability benefits you’re entitled to. So don’t settle. You have options to establish accurate benefit eligibility, and it’s easier than you think. Trust our commitment to getting you the high-quality medical evidence you need.


We offer a simple process featuring medical exams from physicians who care and consultations that fit your schedule.


REE Medical has helped more than 25,000 Veterans with their disability documentation thanks to our industry-leading understanding of VA disability policies and procedures.


Our services are offered at flat-rate fees—no surprises. If our experts believe your current VA disability rating is accurate based on your current symptoms, we’ll let you know.


Our processes include multi-level reviews to ensure quality and accuracy.

you need an accurate disability rating

Your disability rating isn’t just a reflection of your condition—it opens the door to important resources for your future.

Compensation Calculator

Try our Compensation Calculator tool to see how a rating increase could affect your monthly compensation and how long it would take to recover the cost of our services.

Disabled Veteran in a wheelchair reviewing his VA disability benefits rating increase with REE Medical

Medical Benefits

Your service-connected disabilities and rating can determine your eligibility for medical treatments, like physical therapy. Additional coverage, such as dental services, can also be unlocked by a higher rating.

State Assistance

An accurate rating ensures you’re getting all the benefits you’ve earned. Depending on where you live, your disability rating could qualify you for state-specific programs, including property tax exemptions, home loans, and education reimbursement.
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explore your local benefits

Resources and benefits for disabled Veterans vary significantly by state. We’ve made it simple to identify the opportunities available in your area. Use the map below or schedule a consultation to learn more.

Hover over your state to see the available benefits.