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What Does REE Medical Do?

We specialize in understanding how Veterans’ disabilities align with the VA Rating Schedule. With our expertise and a nationwide physician network, we can deliver the best medical evidence to support your disability claim. When you choose REE Medical you’ll get a clear path to the right documentation for your disability rating request.

Working with REE Is Simple


Free Consultation

Our team takes the time to assess and discuss your options with you before you pay anything.


Access Our Expertise

We know how to build an accurate Disability Benefit Questionnaire (DBQ) or Nexus Letter and connect you with our nationwide network of experienced physicians if needed.


Evidence For Your Claim

You’ll receive an accurate DBQ or detailed Nexus Letter to support your VA Disability Increase Claim or appeal of a denied service-connection.


Submit Your Claim

Pursue disability benefits confidently with medical evidence that conforms to the VA’s published guidelines.

Vets We’ve Worked With

REE Medical has provided more than 25,000 Veterans with accurate medical documentation to support their disability claims.
EXCELLENT team of professionals. I was referred to this company by a friend who used REE Medical. I was a bit skeptical at first, but they took excellent care of everything for me and I ended up with VERY favorable results. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
S. McDonnell
S. McDonnell
Great service to 100 percent.
Will Cook
Will Cook
Awesome service to use, highly recommend! They did everything AND more based off of our initial conversations. Thank you REE for the service you provided in helping me get my increase!
Justin Peevy
Justin Peevy
Fantastic organization
Shawn Lindo
Shawn Lindo
Edwin Maldonado
Edwin Maldonado
Absolutely the best experience working with Ree Medical. Fighting with the VA is very stressful and challenging but I'm thankful that we got help I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help getting rate increased.
rig quinney
rig quinney

Do you have a service-connected disability rating?

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Success Stories

Medical Evidence Drives your VA Disability Claim

REE Medical offers a guided path to medical evidence that accurately reflects your disability status. Hear from Vets who already know the impact it can have. 

How we serve

REE Medical believes Veterans deserve respect, competency, and clarity when pursuing disability claims. It’s a belief at the foundation of every service we offer.
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Appeal with a Nexus Letter

For Veterans who have been denied service-connection for a disability within the past 5 years and already have a diagnosis, we offer a vital Nexus Letter service. A preliminary assessment and collaboration with us simplifies the path to your legally-sound opinion letter.

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Make Your Case with a DBQ

Whether your condition has worsened, or the VA’s initial rating did not meet your expectations, submitting a Disability Benefit Questionnaire or DBQ may be your best step forward. We can connect you with an experienced physician and develop the accurate medical evidence you need.

Still Need Help?

We’ve done our best to make finding answers easy. If you have questions, start here.

There is no straightforward answer to this question. To be eligible for a VA disability increase, you must submit a claim and have your level of disability evaluated. Increased claims are complex and depend on the severity of your conditions and the VA’s Schedule for Rating Disabilities. The requirements for a higher rating under the applicable VA diagnostic codes can be difficult to meet. The best way to attempt to get a disability increase is to submit strong documentation that will support your application and potentially impact the quality of your completed DBQ.
You can start by contacting us for a free consultation. Once you've chosen to work with REE Medical, we’ll outline what to expect during our process and help you schedule an appointment with a nearby doctor in our constantly expanding network. Additionally, REE Medical can help you obtain detail-oriented Nexus letters to support your claim for service-connection. Ready to leverage our nationwide network of medical professionals? Reach out to us today to initiate the respectful, efficient, and comprehensive services you deserve.
Nexus letters for Vets are evidence-based documents prepared by qualified and credible medical experts. Their purpose is to show a connection between the Veteran's current disability or medical condition, and one or more events that occurred during their time in the Armed Forces.