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VA Benefits for Veterans in Connecticut

VA benefits for disabled Connecticut veterans

Welcome back to our series about VA benefits for veterans in each of America’s 50 states! This week, we break down the many ways in which veterans can benefit from residency in Connecticut. Read on to learn more about VA benefits in The Constitution State!

Veterans Homes

In Connecticut, there is one veterans’ home available to interested veterans:

This facility offers both residential services, as well as skilled-care services. To be eligible for admission, veterans need to be Connecticut residents and have a discharge that isn’t dishonorable. Note that there is also an income-based fee for this facility.

State Veterans Cemeteries

Connecticut is home to one state veterans’ cemetery:

Any veteran who has a discharge other than dishonorable is eligible for interment here, along with their spouses. For more information, please visit the website above.

Financial Benefits

Veterans who reside in Connecticut can take advantage of a number of financial benefits:

  • Income Tax Exemptions
    All active-duty military pay, as well as retired military pay, and Survivor Benefit Plan payments are all exempt from Connecticut state income tax. For active-duty pay to be exempt, a service member must be stationed outside the state and not own a home in Connecticut or reside there more than 30 days a year.
  • Property Tax Exemptions
    Veterans can receive a $1,000 property tax exemption when honorably discharged and if they served at least 90 days active duty during wartime. This benefit extends to their spouses as well. This exemption may be applied to a home or a vehicle. If a home isn’t owned. To get specific details, please contact your local Assessor’s Office.
  • Military Family Relief Fund
    The Military Family Relief Fund provides grants to military families who are experiencing financial hardships that result from military service. The grant amounts are determined based on each specific situation, but max out at $5,000.
  • Wartime Bonus
    Any member of the Connecticut National Guard is eligible to receive $50 for every full month of mobilized service that occurred after 9/11. The maximum payment they may receive is $1,200 for combat service or $500 for non-combat service.

Employment Benefits

The state of Connecticut offers a few different employment benefits to veterans:

  • Hiring Preference
    When applying for state and municipal employment, wartime veterans who are. Receiving VA compensation will receive a 10-point bonus on their exams. Wartime veterans who are not receiving compensation from the VA will receive a 5-point bonus. Spouses of qualified veterans may also receive bonus points on their exams.
  • Veterans Agriculture Program
    Under this benefit, veterans may be eligible for sales and use tax exemptions that are used in commercial agriculture production. For more information, please visit the link above.
  • CDL Skills Test Exemption
    Any veteran who has been separated from service for one year and who holds a license for driving a military vehicle that would require a CDL in the civilian world may be eligible to have the CDL skills test waived.

Education Benefits

There is one education benefit for Connecticut veterans to take advantage of:

  • Tuition Waiver
    Veterans may have tuition and fees waived at any Connecticut State university, community college, or technical college. A veteran’s dependents may also qualify. For more information and eligibility rules, please visit the link above.

Recreation Benefits

Veterans in Connecticut can benefit from the following recreation benefits:

  • Hunting & Fishing Licenses
    Any active duty service member, regardless of station location, is eligible to purchase hunting and fishing licenses at the state rate in Connecticut.
  • Admission to Connecticut State Parks
    Any veteran with a proven service-connected disability is eligible to receive a free lifetime pass to all of Connecticut’s state parks and forests.