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Deadline Approaching: Submit your ITF before the The PACT Act deadline (August 9th, 2023)

PACT Act ITF Deadline August 9th 2023
PACT Act ITF Deadline August 9th 2023

The deadline to submit an intent to file under the PACT Act is this Wednesday, August 9, 2023. Any Veterans that may meet the qualifications of the extended coverage granted through the PACT Act should submit their intent to file a VA disability claim now in order to take advantage of the full extent of this program.

The PACT Act is an important piece of legislation that expanded the VA benefits to cover more presumptive conditions and locations for the large number of Veterans who may have been exposed to burn pits and toxins — including Vietnam Vets exposed to Agent Orange, Gulf War Vets, and post-9/11 Veterans that were deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and surrounding areas.

While the PACT Act will remain in effect, Veterans who file within one year of the date that the bill was signed into law will be granted a claim backdate of August 10th, 2022.

Why the August 9th ITF (Intent to File) deadline matters:

  1. A higher potential payout: Your claim effective date will be backdated to the day the bill was signed into law, rather than the date you submitted your intent to file. Any benefits granted by the VA after reviewing your claim would be retroactively backdated to that effective date. Use our disability rating calculator to add up the potential benefits.
  2. Avoid future changes: Submitting your intent to file before the deadline could protect you from potential future changes to the law that may impact your eligibility or benefits.
  3. Allow time to get your documentation in order: Submitting your intent to file can give you more time to gather supporting documentation, including military and medical records. The more thorough your medical records and the links back to your service, the easier it is for the VA to reach an accurate disability rating decision.

The PACT Act has provided a more streamlined path to submitting VA benefits claims for conditions that may be related to exposure to burn pits and toxins while on deployment. Even with this law in place, some REE Medical clients have expressed encountering difficulties with obtaining an accurate rating due to incomplete medical evidence.

Veterans wanting to ensure that they have the thorough and accurate medical evidence needed for their claims can reach out to our REE Medical team to inquire about support in obtaining supplemental medical documentation.

To learn more about the PACT Act and how it might affect your VA benefits, visit the official VA resource page at (

Take the first step. Submit your intent to file before the August 9, 2023 deadline.

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  1. My husband died last year due to agent orange. I am interested in finding out if he was due compensation through the Pact Act. Can someone please contact me with information about eligibility. Thank you.
    Nancy Garrison
    Husband Darrel Nordin

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