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My Claim for service-connection Was Denied
Now What?

A denial isn’t the end of your claim. A Nexus Letter could be your best path to overcoming an unfavorable decision from the VA.

Nexus Letter Eligibility

Who qualifies for a REE Medical Nexus Letter?

veteran in a wheelchair going over his medical chart with his doctor

Denial in the last 5 years

If it has been less than five years since your service-connection denial, you can support your appeal with a medical opinion that your disability is likely related to your military service.
disabled Veteran in a wheelchair at the computer

An existing disability Diagnosis

Our Nexus Letter service does not include a medical exam. Instead, it requires an existing medical diagnosis of your disability.

Working with REE Is Simple


Free Consultation

Our team begins by evaluating whether your service-connection denial and current medical diagnosis make a Nexus Letter the correct documentation to pursue.


Access Our Expertise

Once you provide your medical evidence to our team, our skilled staff will draft a legally-sound Nexus Letter that meets the VA’s requirements.


Document Your Case

A representative will work with you to understand our process so you can gather the necessary information to support a strong Nexus Letter.


Submit Your Appeal

Pursue disability benefits confidently with medical evidence that conforms to the VA’s published guidelines.

Disability Compensation Calculator

We are here to support Veterans when their VA rating falls short of what they deserve, which is why REE Medical’s DBQ & Nexus Letter services are provided at a flat rate with no hidden fees, surprise charges, or commission taken.

Use the Calculator tool to see how a rating increase could affect your monthly compensation and how long it would take to recover the cost of our services.

While every case is different, 95%* of REE Medical clients have reported being awarded a rating of 70 or higher.

Regardless of the outcome, every Veteran pays only the flat rate for the services rendered. Our Benefits Consultants are very transparent in reviewing your current benefits and will recommend an alternate resource if our services are not a fit for your case.

Although the VA’s claim decision time can vary, REE Medical’s team of professionals is ready to help you get started now. Read more about the VA’s timeline.

Success Stories

Medical Evidence Drives your VA Disability Claim

While every case is different, 95% of REE Medical clients reported receiving an overall disability rating of 70% or higher.* With our services, you can be confident in the quality and accuracy of the medical evidence supporting your disability claim. Still not convinced? See what fellow Vets have to say about their experience working with REE.