About Ree Medical

REE Medical was founded by a group of doctors who refuse to stand by and allow veterans to be treated with anything less than the best care.

Over the past twenty years, the founders of REE Medical have treated veterans for a wide variety of medical complications caused by their service in our Armed Forces. As the Veterans Administration progressively complicated the disability claims process over time, the doctors of REE Medical saw that veterans were being mistreated and they vowed to make a difference.

Today, REE Medical is a network of doctors around the country who all believe that veterans deserve the very best our country has to offer. Veterans deserve our respect, compassion, and help in any way we can offer it.

That is why REE Medical is dedicated to providing accurate, thorough medical assessments by taking the time that is needed to ensure that each veteran’s unique disability is properly documented. When you choose a REE Medical physician, your case will be handled with expert attention and care. Your Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) will be filled out by a doctor who is on your side.

REE Medical is passionate about getting veterans the benefits they deserve. When you work with REE Medical, you will have a team of medical professionals who care about honesty, accuracy, and your success.