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2024 VA Disability Compensation Rates

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VA Disability Compensation Rates Increase for 2024

As of January 1, 2024, Veterans with service-connected disabilities now receive a 3.2% increase in their disability payments thanks to a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) that matches the COLA applied to Social Security benefits, as determined by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

The increased payment amounts apply to every Vet receiving disability payments, and no action is necessary for service-connected Veterans with an accurate rating to begin receiving the adjustment. Eligibility for the new compensation rates will continue to be based on a combination of disability rating and the Veteran’s type and number of dependents. 

What are the VA Disability Rates in 2024?

These rising VA disability compensation rates are designed to account for the growing cost of living and ensure that disabled Veterans receive adequate financial support. The annual adjustment aims to maintain fair and equitable compensation for the impact of service-related disabilities on the lives of the country’s former military members. 

The 2024 Veteran COLA is based primarily on the effects of inflation seen during the previous year. It attempts to keep benefits on pace with the current price of goods and services to avoid a decrease in purchasing power. A complete table of the new rates is below.

Dependent Status & Rating10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%
Veteran Alone$171.23$338.49$524.31$755.28$1,075.16$1,361.88$1,716.28$1,995.01$2,241.91$3,737.85
Veteran with Spousen/an/a$586.31$838.28$1,179.16$1,486.88$1,861.28$2,161.01$2,428.91$3,946.25
Veteran with Spouse and Childn/an/a$632.31$899.28$1,255.16$1,577.88$1,968.28$2,283.01$2,565.91$4,098.87
Veteran with Childn/an/a$565.31$810.28$1,144.16$1,444.88$1,813.28$2,106.01$2,366.91$3,877.22
Veteran with One Parentn/an/a$574.31$821.28$1,158.16$1,461.88$1,833.28$2,128.01$2,391.91$3,905.11
Veteran with Two Parentsn/an/a$624.31$887.28$1,241.16$1,561.88$1,950.28$2,261.01$2,541.91$4,072.37
Veteran with One Parent and Childn/an/a$615.31$876.28$1,227.16$1,544.88$1,930.28$2,239.01$2,516.91$4,044.48
Veteran with Two Parents and Childn/an/a$665.31$942.28$1,310.16$1,644.88$2,047.28$2,372.01$2,666.91$4,211.74
Veteran with Spouse, One Parent and Childn/an/a$682.31$965.28$1,338.16$1,677.88$2,085.28$2,416.01$2,715.91$4,266.13
Veteran with Spouse, Two Parents and Childn/an/a$732.31$1,031.28$1,421.16$1,777.88$2,202.28$2,549.01$2,865.91$4,433.39
Each Additional Child Under 18n/an/a$31.00$41.00$51.00$62.00$72.00$82.00$93.00$103.55
Each additional child over age 18 in a qualifying school programn/an/a$100.00$133.00$167.00$200.00$234.00$267.00$301.00$334.49
Additional for Disabled spousen/an/a$57.00$76.00$95.00$114.00$134.00$153.00$172.00$191.14

Get the 2024 VA Disability Benefits You’ve Earned

While service-connected Vets can expect to receive the latest VA disability compensation rates automatically, the annual increase doesn’t address inaccurate ratings or worsening conditions. Correcting a disability rating can lead to a much larger benefit increase than the 2024 COLA but requires the submission of a Disability Benefit Questionnaire (DBQ). Since the math used to calculate a disability rating is complicated, and completing a DBQ can be a frustrating endeavor, many Veterans settle for an inaccurate disability rating.  

To better serve Vets in need of a rating review, the team at REE Medical specializes in providing medical evidence that conforms to the VA’s published guidelines. Our experts understand how specific conditions and symptoms align with their rating system and use the knowledge to assess the accuracy of a disability rating and the potential for an increase. It’s an important part of our process that allows Veterans to pursue the disability benefits they deserve with confidence.

In addition, we’ve updated our Benefits Calculator to reflect the changes to the 2024 VA disability compensation rates, allowing you to see how a rating increase would affect your monthly benefit and how long it would take to recover the cost of our services.

With the 2024 increase now in effect, it’s the perfect time to begin collecting the proper documentation for your claim. For many, a higher disability rating can be life-changing, and we are committed to helping Veterans overcome the inherent challenges that stand in the way. It’s not unusual for the VA rating review process to take six months or more, so we strongly recommend getting started with a free consultation as soon as possible.

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