REE Medical

We help Veterans in Florida obtain the quality documentation they deserve.

At REE Medical, we are passionate about taking care of Veterans and are dedicated to ensuring that each Veteran we work with receives the disability examination that they deserve. 

Our number one priority is delivering quality service. Our entire staff is highly trained and fully dedicated to serving those who served.

Additional Benefits for Florida Veterans

As home to almost 1.5 million Veterans, Florida provides important benefits that extend beyond the national compensation and VA care available to service-connected disabled Veterans.

Homestead Exemptions for Veterans in Florida

Offering full property tax exemption for those who qualify.

Disabled Veteran in a wheelchair reviewing his VA disability benefits rating increase with REE Medical

Basic Property Tax Exemption for Eligible Veterans

Including about a $5,000 deduction on their home assessment for property taxes. 

Portrait of smiling senior couple shaking hands with female doctor while visiting private clinic

Education Benefits for Florida Veterans

Offering higher education scholarships to Dependents and Spouses of Deceased or Disabled Veterans. 

Veteran with his daughter and wife receiving va disability benefits for his dependents

Our benefits consultants are ready to get you started on obtaining the documentation you need to support your claim. Learn more about Florida benefits outside of monthly VA compensation and contact our team to learn more. 

Use our Compensation Calculator to see how a disability rating increase could pay off.