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VA Benefits for Veterans in Idaho

how do I find veterans benefit info for veterans in Ohio?

Welcome back to our series about VA benefits for veterans in each of America’s 50 states! This week, we break down the benefits available to the veterans currently living in Idaho, the Gem State!

Veterans Homes

There are currently four different veterans’ homes throughout the state of Idaho:

Each of these four homes provides skilled nursing care, though some other services may vary between the locations. Privacy, independence, and comfort are of the utmost priority for veterans at all locations as well. To see the admission requirements for each location, please visit the links above.

Veterans’ Cemeteries

Idaho is home to two state veterans’ cemeteries:

The eligibility requirements for interment at these state locations follow the same requirements as national veterans’ cemeteries.

There is also one national cemetery located in Idaho:

This national cemetery location is available for the interment of casketed remains, as well as cremated remains. For more information on this location, as well as the state cemeteries, please visit the associated links above.

Financial Benefits

Veterans in Idaho have several financial benefits that they can take advantage of as well:

  • Grocery Tax Credit 404
    Idaho veterans who are 65 and older or aged 62 and older, but also disabled are eligible to receive the state’s grocery tax credit, even if they’re not required to file a tax return as a result of disability being their only source of income.
  • Property Tax Exemption
    Any veteran who has a disability rating of 100% or who has received a rating of unemployable by the VA may be eligible to receive a tax exemption of up to $1,500 on their home and one acre of land. Those who have a disability rating of at least 10% may also be eligible for an exemption if they claim an income of $32,000 or less.
  • Emergency Relief Grant
    Under this benefit, wartime veterans are eligible to receive a grant of up to $1,500 for relief assistance in the event of an extreme emergency. Requirements include being an Idaho resident for at least five years, and the emergency must have occurred within 90 days of filing for the relief.
  • Income Tax Exemption
    In Idaho, retired military service members have the opportunity to deduct up to $37,776 of their income when filing alone or up to $56,664 when filing jointly. It’s important to note that this amount will vary from year to year.

Employment Benefits

The state of Idaho offers two important employment benefits for its veterans:

  • State Employment Preference for Veterans
    Veterans who are applying for government jobs within Idaho are given a five-point preference if honorably discharged, and a 10-point preference if disabled. These point preferences are also available to surviving spouses who are not remarried.
  • Occupational Licenses
    Any veteran and family members who require an occupational license are eligible for expedited processing. Military training and education may also be accepted and applied toward the qualifications for certain occupational licenses.

Recreation Benefits

Veterans who enjoy the outdoors can take advantage of a few related benefits, including:

  • Hunting & Fishing Licenses
    Idaho offers disabled veterans hunting and fishing licenses and tags for a reduced fee. Fees may differ depending on whether the veteran is a resident of Idaho or not.
  • Idaho State Parks Pass
    Veterans with a disability rating of 100% who are also Idaho residents are eligible to receive free admission and free camping at any of the state parks throughout the state.