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VA Benefits for Veterans in Florida

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Florida is home to almost one and half million Veterans, and it’s a state that provides important benefits that extend beyond the national compensation and VA care available to disabled Veterans. Your VA disability rating can impact the extent of the benefits that you and your family can receive, which can have a direct and immediate impact on your financial health.

Let’s examine those Florida Veteran benefits that have a connection to a disability rating:


  • Education: The Scholarships for Children and Spouses of Deceased or Disabled Veterans, a program offered through the Florida Department of Education, provides higher education scholarship opportunities for dependent children and spouses of Veterans with a 100% disability rating. This scholarship may be received in addition to the VA’s Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance, which is also available to Veterans with a 100% disability rating. (Sources: FDVA-Benefits-Guide.pdf ( and VA Education Benefits For Survivors And Dependents | Veterans Affairs




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