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We help Veterans in Nevada obtain the quality documentation they deserve.

At REE Medical, we are passionate about taking care of Veterans and are dedicated to ensuring that each Veteran we work with receives the disability examination that they deserve. 

Our number one priority is delivering quality service. Our entire staff is highly trained and fully dedicated to serving those who served.

Additional Benefits for Nevada Veterans

As a Veteran in Nevada, you have access to benefits that can have a significant impact on your financial future. 

Property Tax Exemptions for Veterans in Nevada

  • Veterans in Nevada with a 100% VA disability rating can receive a property tax exemption of up to $20,000 of the assessed value of his/her primary residence. Veterans with a VA rating between 60% to 70% are eligible for a $10,000 deduction, and veterans with a disability rating of 80% to 90% percent are eligible for a $15,000 reduction.
  • Military retirement pay, Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) payments, and VA disability pay are also tax-free in Nevada.
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Housing Benefits for Nevada Vets

  • The NHD Home Is Possible For Heroes program offers veterans and those currently serving home loans with lower rates, no first-time buyer requirement, and more. These loans are not issued by NHD, but rather through a network of participating lenders.
  • HIP-H is intended for both veterans who have retired or separated from the military, and for qualifying military members still on duty. An honorable discharge is required, where applicable. These loans are offered as 30-year, fixed rate mortgages and may be VA or USDA loans only. Home price limits apply, and there is an income limit. In 2020, the qualifying income cap was set at $98,500 or lower, but these caps are subject to change and this amount is included as a reference only
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Education Benefits for Veterans, Spouses & their Dependents in Nevada

  • Children and the Surviving Spouse of a Nevada National Guard Service member who was killed in the line of duty are eligible for a waiver of resident tuition and lab fees at state-supported educational institutions. *This waiver is not available at the William S. Boyd School of Law, the University of Nevada School of Medicine, or the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine.
  • In-State Tuition: U.S. Armed Forces Veterans who were honorably discharged from active duty while stationed in Nevada (including the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center at Pickel Meadows, California) are eligible for in-state tuition.
  • Nonresident active duty Service members serving in the U.S. Armed Forces who are stationed in Nevada, as well as their Spouse and Children*, are eligible for in-state tuition. This benefit also applies to active duty Service members stationed at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center at Pickel Meadows, California.


*The Spouse and Children of an active duty Service member who are reassigned outside of Nevada will remain eligible as long as they remain continuously enrolled at a Nevada state-supported educational institution.

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