Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Nexus Letters?

Yes. We offer the completion of Nexus Letters.

What is REE Medical?

REE Medical is a network of licensed medical providers who all share one common goal: helping veterans obtain the benefits they deserve.

Can you guarantee I will get an increase?

No. The Veterans Affairs ultimately makes the final decision on all claims submitted. However, If your disabilities warrant an increase and you utilize our service, you have a high probability of success. REE Medical cannot make any promises or guarantees.

Do you offer financing or payment plans?

Yes. Part of our mission is to help as many veterans as possible receive the benefits they deserve. Please contact us for more details.

Does REE Medical charge for this service?

Yes. REE Medical, LLC is a licensed medical group. We do charge a fee, similar to the fees charged by private healthcare providers. However, we do offer veterans a FREE no-obligation consultation.

Do you offer a refund if I am not awarded an increase?

Yes. A portion of our service fee is refundable if you do not receive a successful decision on your claim. Some fees are non-refundable due to State Medical Board guidelines. Please contact us for more details regarding our refund policy.

How does REE Medical differ from a VA appointed doctor?

REE Medical is not affiliated with the Veterans Administration. Our medical group is comprised of independent licensed medical providers who understand the claims process. VA appointed medical providers are contracted by the Veterans Administration. In most cases, they are overloaded with patients and do not give the proper attention to each veteran and their claim. A large majority of veterans who see VA appointed doctors when filing their claim are unsatisfied with the results, thus resulting in years of refiling and/or a lengthy appeal process.

How does REE Medical differ from a my primary care physician?

You have the right to choose whatever licensed medical provider you would like. Our licensed medical providers know the VA disability claim process and understand how to complete Disability Benefits Questionnaires. Most primary care physicians do not have the knowledge to complete a DBQ correctly.

Can I use a VSO to submit my claim?

Yes. REE Medical can only assist with the Disability Benefit Questionnaire and medical evaluations. Veterans are required to submit their own claims. This can be done via a Veteran Service Organization, filing electronically on the eBenefits/ websites or mailing your claim to the VA.

Can you help if I am working with an accredited agent or attorney?

Yes. We work with many accredited agents and attorneys. All Disability Benefit Questionnaires must be completed and signed by a licensed medical provider. Accredited agents and attorneys cannot give medical advice or sign DBQ’s.