REE Medical

Nicholas Crouch
Benefit Consultant Supervisor

For me, its all about our purpose and who we assist. As a medically retired Veteran, I had lost both my purpose and my health when I was injured during my last deployment and subsequently separated from the military. With this job, I now feel like I have found my purpose again in helping those I served with.

The culture here is fast paced, while making sure we are constantly focusing on the Veterans we are assisting. There is a lot of change happening here but its all for the good. Everyone in the company is onboard with process improvements and making sure that we doing everything we can to provide a better experience and service for our Veterans.

As a medically retired US Navy Veteran with some severe disabilities, this job and the ability to work from home has been a God send for me and my family. As my disabilities have progressed over the years, it became increasingly difficult for me to travel to a job and work on site. Now, I don’t have to worry about any of that and I get to help my brothers and sisters in the process.

For me, as a Benefit Consultant Supervisor, every day I come to work and do everything I can to make sure we can assist as many Veterans as possible. That could include doing consultations, training other benefit consultants or even assisting with the development of new departments that will allow REE Medical to provide even more services to our country’s Veterans.